• Vehicle is recommended.

Brockville is almost midway between Toronto and Montreal and less than one hour from the Nation's Capital, Ottawa. There are two international bridges which border the community with access to the U.S. markets via New York State.

Brockville is one of the oldest cities in Ontario named after British war hero Sir Isaac Brock. This enchanting city offers a reminder of Canadian history with striking architecture, stately mansions, elaborate fountains--all carefully preserved as reminders of another era. The community is dominated by the St. Lawrence River and is known as The City of the 1000 Islands.

Brockville has been awarded one of Canada's safest communities from the World Health Organization.  The city is situated in the world famous 1000 Islands tourist area and in fact owns a number of islands off our shore. Brockville offers the world’s best fresh water diving right off our shores with sunken ships at your doorstep. It is also home to world class rowing - a club that has been in operation since the turn of the century!  People enjoy high quality of life standards in a unique historic setting. Being one of the oldest communities in Ontario, we take pride in our heritage buildings and how they look.  A revitalized downtown area, waterfront open to the public with parks and walking trails, and numerous shopping locations are found throughout the city.  Brockville is an active community involved in the arts, theatre and sports.   There are several daily VIA Rail connections to Montreal, Toronto and Ottawa and the Ottawa International Airport is approximately 50 minutes. There is a city transportation system available.  Brockville has high band/high speed telecommunication capability provided by both Bell Canada and AT&T fibre lines.

We are proud what our community can offer to you. Brockville is a great place to call home. We take pride in our community and look out for one another.

Core and Elective placements available: 

Family Medicine
General Surgery


  • Apartments - shared by medical learners
  • Billets - vehicle is required 
  • College Residence (summer months only)