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The village of Lanark is located an hour from both Ottawa and Kingston, north of Highway 7 (Perth).  The village itself is quite cozy with a population of merely 4, 800.

Lanark County boasts being the maple syrup capital of Ontario.  Lanark is home to the eighteen-hole golf course, Timber Run Golf Course.    Lanark offers a variety of activities including boating, fishing, skiing and camping.  There is a very large environmental movement in Lanark as evidenced in the Art of Being Green Festival.  Lanark also shares festivals with Perth, including the Maple Festival and the Stewart Park festival.  

The North Lanark Community Health Centre offers the community of Lanark, catchment area 11,000, a multidisciplinary medical facility.  The North Lanark Community Health Centre is a team of physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, social worker, dietitian, physiotherapist, chiropodist, health promoter and a vast array of support staff.  Both our physicians have privileges at the Perth and Smiths Falls District Hospital and also work in the Emergency department.

Core and Elective placements available: 

Family Medicine


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