• Vehicle is recommended.

Perth is located approximately 100 km west of Ottawa and 80 km north of Kingston.  Perth is surrounded by several small towns and villages including Smiths Falls, Carleton Place, Westport and Lanark.  Perth is the perfect location for boat enthusiasts as the town is surrounded by several lakes which are only a short distance from the town.  The Tay River runs right through the middle of Perth. 

The Town of Perth has a population of 6,000 with a handful of developments on the outskirts of town.  Anyone relocating to the town of Perth has the option of buying or renting, old or new.  There are plenty of options when purchasing or renting a home. 

Perth has many activities that would interest students.  We have an indoor pool, an arena and a number of gyms.  The town has an amazing outdoor sports facility right in town.  It offers basketball, soccer, baseball, tennis, volleyball and an outdoor rink for skating and ice hockey.  Being situated on the Tay River, a canoeist has access to the water right at their doorstep!  Perth has a fantastic 18 hole golf course situated right in town as well as a number of others within a 5 – 15 minute drive.  Hiking and cross country skiing is also readily available.  The town of Perth is known for its great restaurants ranging from pub fare to fine dining, two which were named in “Where to Eat in Canada”.  The Town of Perth is loaded with artistic flare.  Singing, dancing, theatre, artisans and craftspeople reflect what Perth is known for. 

Perth is a perfect spot for a student to live and work.  One can enjoy the peacefulness of the town while only an hour from the excitement of the City of Ottawa.   The nearest hospital is located right in town on Drummond Street just a short walk to downtown Perth.  Perth also houses a number of medical clinics and is home to over 20 Family Physicians.

Core and Elective placements available: 

Family Medicine
Internal Medicine


  • Apartments - shared by medical learners
  • Billets