Expense Guidelines

Guidelines for funding are as follows:

  1. Placements must be in a community that has been approved by ERMEP.
  2. Placement duration is for a minimum of 4 weeks and a maximum of 8 weeks.
  3. Learners must contact ERMEP and fill out an online application form before the placement commences.  NOTE THAT APPLICATIONS MUST BE COMPLETED FOR FUNDING TO BE ISSUED.
  4. Funding will cover learner expenses incurred during the placement and will be limited to ACTUAL expenses for accommodation in the host community and transportation.
  5. Maximum allowable funding for accommodations in the host community is $800/4-weeks.  Hosting accommodations invoice ERMEP directly.  Learners are responsible for all charges that they incur beyond the regular cost of accommodation, including such things as food, telephone and internet charges.
  6. Learners are encouraged to live in the host community during their placements as this will enhance the experience.
  7. The learner is encouraged to obtain the most cost-effective, practical method of transportation.  Car rentals are NOT eligible for reimbursement.  Original receipts are required for reimbursement for travel by bus or train and if accommodation payment is paid by the learner.  Gas receipts are not required.      
  8. When a privately owned vehicle is used for transportation to and from the placement, learners are compensated for one round trip from your home school to the host community at 68 cents/km. (with accommodations)
  1. Maximum allowable funding for transportation is $450.  Max funding is paid out if you are commuting daily from your home school to your host community (without accommodations).
  2. Funding will be issued upon submission of receipts [if applicable], expense form, ERMEP evaluation, and completed rotation schedule.  Funding will NOT be issued until all the above listed documents are received and reviewed. 
  3. Expense forms must be submitted to ERMEP within 60 days from rotation completion to be reimbursed.  All expense forms received after 60 days will not be reimbursed.
  4. Refund cheques not cashed within 6 months will not be reissued.
  5. Return forms to:                                                                               

61 A Gore Street East
2nd Floor
Perth, Ontario   K7H 1H6

Attention:           Sandra Whan
Assistant Director                               

It is the responsibility of the Eastern Regional Medical Education Program to issue all funding to the learner and preceptors in a cost-effective and accountable manner on behalf of the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care.  It is the responsibility of the learner to follow the guidelines and respect the limited funding available for learners.  Cooperative efforts will ensure cost effective and sustainable programs for all Ontario medical learners.