ERMEP believes that the time the medical learners spend in rural and regional practice will be the highlight of their learning.  It will be an intense, exhilarating and demanding period of rapid professional and personal growth which should appeal to each and every learner.

  • All rotations must be a minimum of 4 consecutive weeks to be accepted, set up and funded by ERMEP.  
  • Funding includes learner's accommodations & travel, as well as a preceptor stipend.
  • ERMEP sets up and funds family practice and specialty rotations in rural Eastern Ontario.
  • Applications must be completed prior to a rotation in order to be funded.
  • Applications should be completed 3 to 6 months prior to the rotation start date.
  • Learners will be expected to log their rotation and complete an evaluation and expense form at the end of their rotation.

     ERMEP is only able to accept and fund postgrad electives.

Canadian Medical Students studying outside Ontario or Canada
Please visit the following link for further information;  https://www.afmcstudentportal.ca/

ERMEP Funding Guidelines