ERMEP Cancellation Policy

1) Application Policy

Applications for learner rotations must be submitted at least two to three months prior to the rotation start date however four to six months is suggested to increase the likelihood of placement.  Credentialing and hospital privileges will be set up through ERMEP for all rotations, which is why it is crucial for the application to be submitted promptly.
(Students and clerks are asked to find their own preceptor if electives are less than one month in duration).

2) Confirmation Policy – ERMEP

Confirmation of placement depends on preceptor and community availability.  ERMEP will inform the learner with whom and where they have been matched within four months to four weeks prior to their start date.

3) Cancellation Policy – Learners

ERMEP considers it a breach of professionalism when the learner cancels without a valid reason less than four weeks from the start date of the rotation.  We then report this to the schools and ask that they deal with this as unprofessional behavior.  It is important to recognize that preceptors are often very annoyed by late changes due to their scheduling requirements.

Accommodation cancellations must be made through ERMEP four weeks prior to placement start date.